Samsung Bringing Radical New Lightweight 3D glasses to CES

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Weighing in at a mere 28 grams, Samsung‘s new 3D glasses — the world’s lightest, and a perfect match for the company’s svelte new 3D Blu-ray player, are set to debut at CES. With a change in design from normal specs to a wraparound, the new glasses move the electronics to the rear, and apparently also eliminate the on-of switch, remaining in standby until a 3D sync signal is detected. Apparently the charging port has also gone bye-bye, and the glasses use contact wireless charging similar to PowerMat.

Out of all the manufacturers, Samsung has gotten the style and comfort of their 3D eyewear the most consistantly right, and it’s good to see that they’re continuing to try to make the experience as transparent as possible. While I don’t think that the wraparound style will necessarily catch on in the western hemisphere, the contact charging and automatic on-off are definitely features that users have been asking for. A few tweaks to the design for more Joe Cool and less Roger Ramjet, and Samsung will have a winner on their hands.

Via [Samsung Tomorrow Blog (Korean)]


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