CES 2011-Mitsubishi Goes Big With 92 Inch DLP, 155 Inch OLED Models

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Mitsubishi announced the coming out party for their 2011 DLP rear projection televisions in a press release tonight. Leading the pack is the monstrous 92-inch 3D DLP set in the “isn’t it about time you just bought a projector” series, which will also include 60-, 65-, 73-, and 82-inch sizes. Featuring a new Clear Contrast screen, all of these sets boast internet features, four HDMI inputs, advanced calibration modes, and the ability to act as the center channel of your home theater system.

In addition, Mitsubishi will be showcasing its first front projection system, as well as a monster 155 inch OLED screen intended solely for commercial customers that may just take the “biggest TV at CES” crown away from Panasonic. it’s good to see someone keeping DLP RPTV alive, as they really do deliver the best value, dollar per inch, of any HDTV system, with 3D support to boot. While you can’t hang them on the wall, DLP typically delivers a beautiful, ghost free, and natural image that captures the look and feel better than any other display system in my opinion. Either way, all will be unveiled tonight at the Venetian, so stay tuned.

Source: [Mitsubishi Press Release]

Mitsubishi 92 inch 3D DLP

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  • zing

    Is that the ONLY TV they are releasing this year? Will there be any new 73 or 82 inch DLPs for 2011? Just curious.