CES 2011: Monster Unveils New Miles Davis Trumpet Headphones and Lots of TRON Goodies

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Monster Miles Davis Trumpet HeadphonesIn addition to a new no-frills HDMI cable coming in at “only” $29.99 for one meter (along with a new $99 3D HDMI cable), Monster displayed a number of genuinely cool new products at a press conference this morning at CES. Perhaps the coolest was the new Miles Davis Trumpet Headphone ($349), a tiny, stylish hi-performance in-ear model billed as “the world’s smallest headphone.” Monster has kept the size down on the new model by putting the driver in the tip of the ear bud, rather than the body itself. It also boasts stylish touches like slick collector’s packaging, control buttons shaped like trumpet valves, and a copy of Miles’ Sketches of Spain in exclusive Monster Surround.

TRON: Legacy Soundtrack in Monster High-Definition Headphone SurroundMonster also had plenty of TRON-themed products on display, including several docks, a few different models of headphones (including gamer-specific, music-centric, and Daft Punk Edition models, all of which are sexy as hell), and a Monster High-Definition Headphone Surround copy of the Daft Punk TRON: Legacy soundtrack. *Drool*

Monster High Definition Headphone Surround (HDHS) is the first truly accurate surround experience, specifically geared for headphone users and designed to reproduce music precisely as the artist intended it to be heard. The one-time collaboration between Noel Lee, Head Monster, and Alan Meyerson, music scoring mixer for TRON: Legacy and Daft Punk, offers Daft Punk and TRON: Legacy fans an amazing new experience of totally immersive personal surround sound.

Hyperbole? Probably. Cool, nonetheless? Youbetcha!

The company also handed out samples of its new car cleaning products, an extension of its popular line of screen cleaning kits. No word on whether or not those car cleaning kits are speed rated, though.

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