CES 2011: Microsoft Brings Hulu Plus and Netflix to Kinect This Spring

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Tonight, during his keynote, Microsoft‘s Steve Ballmer unveiled the long-awaited inclusion of hands-free support for the Netflix app on Xbox 360, and added Hulu Plus to the mix. Instead of using a remote or a controller, Kinect users can wave their hands to select content, or use their voices to perform basic functions like playing, pausing, or fast forwarding a movie.

Gesture and voice control is something that a lot of manufacturers have been looking at in recent years, and no one is going to be surprised if Microsoft includes at least some of the technology as part of their mysterious no-show media box. Given that Kinect’s raw components are only about $60, this is something that could be included in a premium priced model, or god forbid they could even let existing owners daisy chain on the USB bus to use one Kinect for both boxes. Either way, Microsoft’s push for Xbox tech to expand beyond the console looks to be firmly underway.

Netflix Kinect

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