CES 2011:ViewSonic Debuts First Boxee Televison

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BoxeeTVWhile not integrating all of the advanced features of the Boxee Box, ViewSonic is delivering the first television with the Boxee software front end on it sometime in Q2 2011. The TV is run by the new Intel Atom CE4100 chip which is designed to compete directly with ARM to power set top boxes, Blu-ray players, and other system-on-a-chip devices.

Feature Rundown:

Watch what you want — when you want it!
View thousands of TV shows
Access over 40,000 movies
Get Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, Facebook, twitter
Share media with friends
Watch Later with Boxee’s easy to use sharing companion
All from the comfort of your couch

I’m really waiting for these kinds of features to be built into a computer monitor, so you can shut down the machine in a dorm room or an office and use it as a TV until you’re ready to work again, and the Atom chip could pull double duty to assist with image processing. Something to think about!

For more information, keep an eye on ViewSonic‘s website.

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