CES 2011: Speakal TARDIS iPod Dock May Sound Bigger Inside Than Out

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Speakal Tardis DockApple Geeks can now go for twice the fanservice by docking their iPod in everyone’s favorite police box thanks to Speakal’s TARDIS iPod Dock.

The iPod docks into the bottom of the kit, the speaker’s are hidden behind the “windows,” and the light on top acts as a universal remote IR emitter which is controlled by a yet-to-be unveiled App. It’s a good thing that the Wife Acceptance Factor is generally pretty high on Doctor Who, so many a man will actually be able to get this into their living rooms without displacing time and space, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll play some music on the thing to get with your companion what only Rowan Atkinson… had.

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    Wow, what a weird Ipod dock, Is that even an Ipod Dock? Looks like a phone booth to me lol Seriosuly what a fascinating dock. Is this dock available through amazon or anywhere online? I'd love the write a review for my website on a dock like this lol