CES 2011: HAI Announces Hi-Fi 2 Standalone Audio Solution

Sections: Audio, Multiroom audio, Music servers, Streaming

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HAI Hi-Fi 2 Standalone Audio SolutionHAI, known for its line of integrated safety and energy management products, announced the Hi-Fi 2 standalone audio package at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. The Hi-Fi 2 can be connected to HAI’s Music Gateway and controlled by the company’s new iPhone app. Such connectivity will allow users to enjoy music in their homes without the need for a separate control system.

By pairing the Music Gateway with the Hi-Fi 2, the unit’s Volume Source Control can display artist name, song title, and other pertinent information. Users will also be able to scroll through playlists — the unit has a 500GB hard drive — and play music stored on shared network folders. Soon, HAI’s iPhone app will be able to take the place of the Volume Source Control and will have the capability to control different sources and zones.

To learn more, visit HAI’s Hi-Fi 2 product page or call 504.736.9810.

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