OmniMount Promises Precision Angles with Two New PM Line Projector Mounts

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OmniMount NPM Series in BlackOmniMount has added two new projector mounts — the NPM1 and NPMMICRO from — to its commercial projector mount line.

Both models are universal projector mounts designed to fit most small and micro-projectors and are perfectly suited for both residential home entertainment and commercial applications. The PM Series has a fine adjustment feature, which allows users to lock projectors in a precise location, to ensure perfect projection at the size, angle, and exact location of your screen. The pitch and roll adjustments have a range of +/- 15 degrees (pitch) and +/- 5 degrees (roll). These adjustments accommodate some of the newer short throw projectors while mounting.

Out-of-the-box, both mounts are designed for easy installation. Design features include slide-together mounting plates that allow for quick setup and ease of serviceability. An integrated cable management system and ceiling trim plate work together to hide wires, for a clean look. In situations where the projector will be mounted in a more public setting, security hardware is available, and the units are padlock-accessible.

The universal mounting grid design makes the mounts compatible with almost any projector in each weight class. The NPM1 supports projectors up to 40 lbs, and the NPMMICRO supports projectors up to 20 lbs. Both the NPM1 and NPMMICRO are available and retail for $149.95 and $99.95 respectively.

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OmniMount NPM Series

OmniMount NPM Series uses a universal grid to fit most projectors

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