Atlantic Technology Introduces WA-50 Wireless Audio System

Sections: Audio, Multiroom audio, Speakers, Subwoofers

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wa50Atlantic Technology has jumped into the wireless fray with its WA-50 Wireless Audio system. The system is capable of transmitting stereo signal up to 150 feet (or up to 300 feet light-of-sight) with no delay or interference. Users can put the WA-50 to work in up to three zones — for multiroom audio or just a bit of wireless subwoofage — without the need for RCA cable runs.

The WA-50 is easy to install. The system can accommodate three transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers. By connecting the WA-50 transmitter to the desired RCA audio outputs, and the receiver to the RCA line inputs of a powered subwoofer or speaker system, owners can enjoy audio in up to three locations. The receiver and transmitter feature a three-position switch that assigns each pairing to a zone. The system can also be connected to a PC or Macintosh via an included USB interface.

The WA-50 package includes a transmitter, receiver, USB cable, and RCA input and output cables. The retail price is $189, with additional receivers and output cables available for $89 each. For more information visit Atlantic Technology or call 781.762.6300.

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