Russound Adds DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer to Its C-Series Lineup

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Russound DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer
Russound has added the DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer to its C-Series line of multi-room audio components. The new component provides audio streams from network-based digital music sources to multiple rooms.

The DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer delivers up to three simultaneous stereo digital audio streams for distribution around the house, and can source from the internet or music files on connected storage devices. It can also pick up a signal from its built-in AM/FM stereo tuner.

The DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer occupies just one slot in a rack unit, and features rear panel stereo audio output jacks for each of the three audio streams, plus another pair for the tuner. It has a Source ID Switch for each stream to be able to identify it within the system, and is designed to work with Russound C-Series controllers and multi-room audio systems. It connects to the controller via an Ethernet LAN home network connection.

Expect to see the DMS-3.1 available sometime in May, 2011. No price has been determined.

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