Amazon Looking To Challenge Netflix?

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Sharp-eyed Engadget readers with Amazon Prime have noticed a new set of “unlimited streaming” titles coming with the $79 free shipping package. According to the text, his membership now includes “5000 titles of unlimited commercial free streaming.” Given the free two-day shipping usually associated with Prime, a yearly fee of $15 less than Netflix streaming, and an already strong selection, that’s a serious leg-up in the streaming wars for Amazon.

Unbox software is already present in many Blu-ray players, and if Amazon is giving this a serious push, it could end up being the final death blow to Blockbuster, who seems to be hanging on the good graces of studios who want to make sure Netflix doesn’t get too big for its britches. While the option has since disappeared, various domain registrations which now belong to Amazon point to it being true. Viva la competicion!

Via: [Engadget]

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