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Mark with Turquoise Flaming Lips LPAs a followup to my bare-my-soul piece as a music hoarder/collector, I broke down the other day and trundled off to Amoeba to buy that copy of The Flaming Lips’ At War With the Mystics on colored vinyl. It had been calling my name for months and I’m really pleased with how it sounds.

Yeah, the 5.1 mix is stunning and still my go-to version for when I want to really lie down on the couch, listen and float away into the cosmos with the band on this, my favorite Flaming Lips recording. But listening to At War With the Mystics on vinyl, I’m actually hearing other things I didn’t necessarily “hear” on the surround mix or the CD version. Tracks like “It Overtakes Me,” “My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion,” and “Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung” just glow on these slabs of vinyl. Acoustic and electric guitars pop out more in some instances. Different mix elements shine — I’m hearing parts that are bathed in deep reverb that were lost on the CD version. Of course, there is also the simple pleasing nature of hearing this great music through a warm tube.

Flaming Lips: At War With the Mystics LP coverThe cover art is amazing and the quality of the printing is very old school, almost like the kind of thick covers LPs used to come in back before I was born in the 50s. Dare I say they are “lithograph quality”?

The discs look really great — two of the nicest colored vinyl pressings I own! They are quite thick milky turquoise and orange discs — I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Turquoise disc! — with little splashes of lighter coloring so its almost like a tie dye…

I like these so much I may well invest in the rest of The Flaming Lips other “classic” albums if I can find them on colored vinyl: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and The Soft Bulletin (which apparently has alternate takes and bonus tracks on it! — I wonder if they are different than the bonus tracks on the DVD-A?). Their latest comes in colored vinyl variants. And I just discovered that their quite brilliant 1995 album (arguably in a league with the subsequent four LPs) — Clouds Taste Metallic — came in green vinyl!

Now you see how this stuff can get addictive…

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