Control4 Energy Management System Selected by NV Energy

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Control4 EMS 100 platformNV Energy‘s Demand Response Rollout announced Monday that it will be using Control4‘s energy management system in 20,000 in Nevada homes.

In this program, 20,000 NV Energy customers will be equipped with Control4 EC-100 energy controller, a 4.7″ touch-screen with a full color interface that provides up-to-the-minute feedback on their electricity consumption and costs, analyzes their electricity usage by end-use, and accommodates additional energy management applications and load controllers on their home area network. Customers will also receive a Control4 WT-100 wireless thermostat that can react to price signals or demand response event signals to reduce peak load requirements. The technology provides customers with energy consumption and cost information, and allows them to voluntarily participate in demand response events.

Control4 Advantage will be integrated into NV Energy’s demand response management system and software will be used to manage residential load on a large scale. The software can be used to communicate with and manage any number of home area networks on the Contro4 EMS 100 platform. Customers with EMS 100 devices will have multiple options to participate in demand response programs such as event-driven rebate programs, as well as those triggered by price or rate tiers. Control4 Advantage also gives NV Energy the option to customize messages or service offerings for customers.

NV Energy intends to roll out at least 20,000 EMS 100 systems to customer homes by 2012. The open platform and over-the-air update capability of the EMS 100 makes the solution easily upgradeable and scalable for future expansion.

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