SnapAV Cuts Into the Walls with its New Episode 900 Series Loudspeakers

Sections: Architectural speakers, Center speakers, Speakers

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Episode HT950Nothing says “custom install” more than cutting a hole in your wall to place a loudspeaker. SnapAV just introduced its high-end in-wall loudspeaker, the Episode 900 Series, to fit in the space. The Series includes the HT950 and HT900 LCR.

The line incorporates high-efficiency 4.5-inch Kapton ribbon tweeters, large Natural Cell Structure (NCS) drivers, compensation EQ switches, and integrated sealed 3/4-inch MDF black boxes. The HT950 is a 7-inch woofer equipped in-wall speaker intended to be paired at $1,999 each piece. The HT900 LCR features a dual 6.5-inch woofer. The HT950 LCR weighs 41 lbs and measures close to 40 inches high while the HT900 weighs 26 lbs and stands 30-inches high. For applications where the center channel is placed horizontally, the HT900’s tweeter can be rotated. An integrated switch optimizes the crossover network in accordance with the tweeter rotation.

Find more information on the Episode 900 series at SnapAV‘s Episode site.

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