Miramax Signs with LionsGate and Studio Canal, Pulp Fiction Hits Blu-ray in June

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Out from under the Disney umbrella for the first time in nearly 20 years, Miramax has signed a distribution agreement with LionsGate in North America, and their partners StudioCanal internationally. Now that Miramax has an avenue to market, the first question on everyone’s lips is: “Where’s Pulp Fiction on Blu-ray?”.

Royale with Cheese enthusiasts will be happy to know that it’s coming at the front of the pack in June, and that a pile of other Miramax Academy Award winners like Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, Good WIll Hunting, and The Prophecy Trilogy (it was robbed!) should be right behind it. Horror fans should be happy to know that the existing Scream movies will also be making an appearance alongside Scream 4.

In addition to dozens of highly anticipated titles, the deal also gives a chance to right some of the mistakes that were made under Disney’s stewardship. The trio of Hong Kong films, Hero, Legend of Drunken Master (Drunken Master 2), and Iron Monkey were all released with lossy original language audio and with compromised subtitles (or in the case of Drunken Master, dub-only). While Disney fixed Gangs of New York, there’s still many other titles like Finding Neverland that could use a revisit for a better film scan/compression job than they received at the dawn of Blu-ray.

I hope Miramax, LionsGate, and Studio Canal take up the challenge to make the Miramax catalog a shining example of how to do it right.


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