Control4 and Cisco Partner for Automation Platforms

Sections: Green Home Tech, Power management, Smart Home

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Control4 EC-100Control4 and Cisco are working together to provide network-enabled automation platforms for connected smart communities and home energy deployments. The deal, spurred from an Cisco investment in Control4, includes the integration of Control4 technology into Cisco’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and the availability of Cisco-branded Control4 products.

With Control4 as part of Cisco’s ecosystem, the network equipment supplier will enhance its Smart+Connected Communities and utility customers. “Both Cisco and Control4 share a vision of delivering a connected world where we all lead better and simpler lives,” said Control4 chief executive officer Will West. “The integration of Control4’s operating system is a key component of the value proposition for Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities vision to use the network as the platform to build smart, green and connected communities around the world and helps bring the benefits of automation and control to potentially millions.”

Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities project provides participating community residents the ability to automate and control lighting, temperature, entertainment, communication, security, and energy use. As part of the current plan, Cisco will integrate the Control4 EMS 100 as an offering to global utility customers in the growing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) space. The EMS 100 is a bundled solution with an EC-100 energy controller, a 4.7″ touch-screen with full color interface that provides feedback on electricity consumption and costs, Control4 ADVANTAGE software, and a WT-100 ZigBee wireless thermostat. A similar Control4 bundle recently became available to NV Energy’s Demand Response customers in Nevada.

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