Retailers and CEs Go All-In For AllVid Cable Box Standard

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AllVidSony, Google, and retailers like Best Buy have gone to the FCC to ask them to enforce the AllVid standard onto cable and other televised content providers, finally establishing a universal interface between devices and services. Typically, to access cable or satellite, one must purchase or rent an expensive box from the cable company that integrates decoding and other services. The AllVid standard reduces the service provider’s involvement to a decoding box that will plug into a secure interface on a computer, smart TV, or a content box like Google or Apple TV integrating the internet and television experience.

Naturally, the cable companies aren’t too hot about giving up the ability to lock you into the walled garden of their networks, nor are they excited about handing even more demographic information to companies like Google than they already have to. Make no mistake, one of the goals of Google TV is tracking user viewing habits like they look at searches and other activity involving their websites. This is valuable information to feed advertisers and to determine the fate of shows. Taking the power out of the hands of the cable companies is a good idea; I just don’t want to hand it to other giant companies that in their own way are just as bad.

Via: [Ars Technica]

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