The NBA Finals Come to ESPN 3D

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ESPN 3D is continuing their efforts to promote 3D through sports, by shooting the NBA Finals, one of the biggest events of the year, in 3D. One of the biggest factors in the rise of HDTV was sports programming, and may manufacturers and broadcasters are convinced it’s going to happen again with 3D. I remain skeptical, because sports are a social event. Just putting on the glasses is an isolating act, and interaction and jockularity are key to most people’s sports-watching experience. In my opinion, 3D seems to me to be a passive thing, best suited for movies or video games, or even just highlight reels. Time will tell whether I’m just ignorant, but no one can say that ESPN isn’t giving it their best shot.

ESPN 3D, in its first year of distribution, will expand its NBA offerings to include The Finals – the pinnacle of the NBA season – this June, marking the first time the championship-crowning event will be presented in 3D. ESPN 3D televised the first NBA game in 3D when the Miami Heat visited the New York Knicks on December 17, 2010. Since December, ESPN 3D has shown six NBA games in addition to other programming.

ESPN 3D’s upcoming NBA schedule (schedule subject to change):
Date Time (ET) Game
Fri, Feb 25 8 p.m. Oklahoma City at Orlando
Fri, Mar 4 7 p.m. Chicago at Orlando
Wed, Mar 16 8 p.m. Oklahoma City at Miami
Fri, Apr 1 8 p.m. Boston at Atlanta
TBD TBD NBA Playoffs (First Round) – Game 1
TBD TBD NBA Playoffs (First Round) – Game 4
TBD TBD NBA Playoffs (Conference Semifinals) – Game 2
TBD TBD Western Conference Finals – Game 1
TBD TBD Western Conference Finals – Game 2
TBD TBD Western Conference Finals – Game 4
Thurs, Jun 2 9 p.m. Finals (Game 1)
Sun, Jun 5 8 p.m. Finals (Game 2)
Tues, Jun 7 9 p.m. Finals (Game 3)
Thurs, Jun 9 9 p.m. Finals (Game 4)
Sun, Jun 12 8 p.m. Finals (Game 5)
Tues, Jun 14 9 p.m. Finals (Game 6)
Thurs, Jun 16 9 p.m. Finals (Game 7)

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