TechnologyTell is “TiVo” for Your Radio

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DAR.fmHow did we ever live without TiVo and the host of time-shifting DVR boxes that followed? According to PC Magazine, radio listeners now have a TiVo-like option for recording radio at home. is the brainchild of founder Michael Robertson. DAR (Digital Audio Recorder) allows users to record radio to a cloud storage system and then playback those recordings on the web site, an iPhone, or an Android.

DAR users can schedule specific programs for recording or set recordings for different times of day. The system will also allow users to browse various stations in order to find new programming that might be of interest. Users can also rewind or fast forward through recorded content. Best of all, the service is currently free and only requires users to sign up with a username and email address. The service is now available, but only in an alpha version that has been subject to poor audio quality.

For more information read Jill Duff’y complete PC Magazine article here or visit the website.

Via [PC Magazine]

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