SIM2 Intros 3D Home Cinema Projectors for 15th Anniversary

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Sim2 Crystal Series Line

Italian home theater projector manufacturer Sim2 has debuted four new home cinema projectors as part of the company’s 15th anniversary celebration.

Crystal 35 and Crystal 45, part of the Crystal Series, are full HD single-chip DLP design projectors with bright, crystal-clear, high-resolution images. Industrial designer Giorgio Revoldini designed the Crystal Series, which features straight edges with a contemporary appearance. The white casing allows the projector to blend in any room setting while providing a style element with its shiny surface and accent lights. The Crystal 35 retails for $6,500 and the Crystal 45 for $8,500.

The second series to get new models is the Lumis Series. Sim2 introduced two theater-grade projectors, the C3XLumis 3D Solo and the C3X Lumis 3D HC. The Solo is based on the existing C3X Lumis projector, and is enhanced with Sim2’s PureMotion 3D active technology. The Solo is an appropriate solution for sports, film, and gaming, and comes standard with four pairs of XPAND 3D powered active glasses. The HC, a DCI 3D system, offers accurate color control. While it is versatile, the HC is appropriate for postproduction facilities. The C3X Lumis 3D Solo retails for $50,000 and the C3X Lumis 3D HC retails for $55,000.

To mark its 15th anniversary, and to promote its new product line, Sim2’s EVP Alberto Fabiano will begin a multi-city tour to meet with custom integrators and the design community.

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