Westinghouse’s 46″ LED HDTV Now Available

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Westinghouse LD-4655 LED HDTVWestinghouse has a new 46-inch LD-4655 now on sale at Best Buy and Pacific Sales. The set features a slim design in an all LED backlit LCD TV set. It received the Energy Star rating and meets Federal energy efficiency standars. The set uses less energy than a 100 watt light bulb.

The Westinghouse LD-4655 is a full HD 1080p set featuring a 120 Hz refresh rate and a fast 6.5 millisecond response time. The audio chip and tuning, manufactured by Yamaha, provides a rich audio experience by equalizing sound from the thin flat panel cabinet. The sound system improves low frequency response, enhances dialogue clarity, and provides a faux 3D surround sound effect.

Best Buy has the LD-4655VX listed at $799.99.

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