Samsung Unveils a Number of TV Accessories for Spring

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Samsung's 3D active glasses

At a showing this week in New York, Samsung unveiled a handful of TV accessories, including a QWERTY TV remote, a high-definition TV camera, and 3D active glasses.

The QWERTY TV Remote has an LCD screen to display commands and what’s being typed. Connect it wirelessly to control any Samsung Smart TV to change the channel, change input modes to watch Blu-rays or other content, or browse the web. The QWERTY TV Remote ships with every premium model, inslcuding the LED D8000 and D7000 and Plasma D800 Series TVs.

3D active glasses
Samsung introduced a range of 3D glasses that use active 3D technology and a light design. The SSG-3700CR are prescription-ready and ultra-light. The SSG-3300GR are rechargeable, as are the other models, and have a similar light design. The SSG-3300CR are compact active 3D glasses that accommodate smaller heads and fit most kids. The SSG-3100GR have a replaceable battery so users can buy an alternate battery and swap a dead battery for a charged one to eliminate downtime while viewing 3D content.

Samsung redesigned its 3D active glasses to deliver superior image quality. Samsung reduced the LCD response time to improve the contrast ratio and generate more vivid pictures with less cross-talk or ghosting across the screen, which creates viewing fatigue. Sensors on the glasses turn them on when they’re placed on the head for use, and power down when motion and touch is not detected.

Samsung also introduced a wireless charger, the CY-SWC1000A, which can charge up to four pairs of glasses at once. The form factor is a glossy black cylinder. An LED light on the cylinder blinks to show that charging is in progress.

Routers and Adaptors
The CY-SWR1100 router is a simultaneous N dual-band router that features two new Samsung technologies that make it easier to set up. Plug & Access technology enables connectivity by simply plugging the USB adaptor (sold separately) into a Samsung Smart TV to create instant Wi-Fi access to the internet. One Foot Connection, which establishes a Wi-Fi connection between Samsung’s new line of TVs and other compatible devices. In an initial set-up, users only need to place the router within one foot of these devices to establish a connection. The router can then be moved to a more appropriate location after initial connection.

The Samsung Wireless LAN Adaptor, WISO9ABGN supports a range of wireless standards. Use it to access content and services via Samsung Apps and view through connected Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players via Wi-Fi. It also connects Samsung TVs to multimedia devices such as PCs, cameras, Blu-ray players, and mobile phones.

The Smart TV camera, CY-STC1100, is a Skype compatible high-definition camera that facilitates widescreen video calls over the internet. The camera is designed to work with all lighting conditions and a lets users sit anywhere in front of the TV to use the webcam for video calls.

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