Monitor Audio Goes Gold With New Home Theater Speaker Line

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Monitor Audio's Gold GX LineMonitor Audio just released its Gold GX line, a set of home theater and loudspeakers featuring advanced driver technologies and materials. The series incorporates a number of “trickle down” technologies from higher-end speakers in a mid-range product.

The new ribbed RST cone profile was developed from a new C-CAM material, which gives rigidity and low mass. HiVe port technology is used for better transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother air flow. C-CAM is used again for the C-CAM Ribbon H.F. (high frequency) transducer, which propels high frequencies beyond 60 KHz.

The Gold GX line comes in several colors of wood and lacquer. The GX200 and GX300 are die-cast from metal alloy to provide a sturdy and rigid foundation. Machine metal adjustable spiked feet are used on the GX200 and GX300 and floor-stand.

The Gold GX50 rear speakers feature a single 5.5″ RST bass driver and C-CAM ribbon H.F. transducer in a two-way configuration. The Gold GX100 is a larger, 2-way stand mount speaker featuring a 6.5″ RST Bass driver and C-CAM ribbon H.F. transducer. The bass driver piston size has been increased to a size approaching a typical 8″ driver, offering a higher overall efficiency and immense dynamic headroom.

In the tower range, the Gold GX200 tower features two 5.5″ RST Bass drivers to provide scale and dynamic control. The bass drivers are heavily constructed with massive magnetic systems and capable of low frequency extension. The three-way design features a dedicated 4″ mid-range driver in its own damped enclosure to provide clean, natural character to its sound. The Gold GX300 stands over a meter tall. It’s a three0way floor-standing loudspeaker comprising two 6.5″ RST bass drivers, one 4″ RST mid-range driver with a C-CAM high frequency ribbon transducer.

The Gold GX150C is a center channel speaker with two 5.5″ drivers featuring RST technology in a two-and-a-half-way orientation. The set-up provides better dispersion and elimination of the central “dead spot” found in typical mid-tweeter-mid (MTM) style configurations. The Gold GX350C is based on a similar center-channel system as the GX150C. It has 3-way, four driver speaker. The GX-350C has the ability to reproduce frequencies from 40Hz all the way to above 60 KHz.

Subwoofers in the line include the GXW15 with DSP processing. It has a 15″ ultra low throw driver, which fits into a compact design.

The Gold GX line ranges in price from $1,095 for the GX-150C to $5,495 for a pair of GX300s. Expect Monitor Audio’s Gold GX line to be in stores in April.

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