Amulet Remote Uses Voice to Control Windows Media Center

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Voice Remote ControlCalling all couch potatoes! Amulet Devices has made the act of watching television even more passive thanks to the Voice Remote Control. Give your thumbs a rest and simply tell the Voice Remote to navigate your Windows Media Center. Similar to the voice-activated functions on most cell phones, the Voice Remote is able to respond to several commands.

Want to tune to a particular channel? Tell the Voice Remote where to go. Searching for a certain program? Let the Voice Remote do the looking. Ready to switch to a new playlist at the party you’re hosting? The Voice Remote is your personal DJ. Users can even ask the Voice Remote what song is currently playing. Amulet’s Voice Remote can also schedule recordings on your DVR and perform other functions that will cut down considerably on the button-pressing usually associated with watching television.

The best way to learn about the Voice Remote Control, which carries a retail price of $149.00, is to view the demo video:

For more information visit the Amulet Devices or call 208.629.2090.

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