Samsung Slashes 3D Glasses Prices

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A new pair of Samsung 3D glasses will now only run you around $50, instead of the previous $100+, and we can’t help but wonder if the proliferation of new passive 3D televisions has something to do with that. Given that most consumers look at the price first, and all other factors second, it’s safe to say that something had to be done to bring the price of active glasses more in line with the offerings from the likes of Vizio and LG. The passive-retarded polarized 3D those sets offer accomplishes its effect by only using every other line to draw the image (odd/even odd/even), resulting in a 540p image (only slightly above standard definition) that often has interlacing style artifacts and other problems. But hey, at least the glasses are cheap, since they require no moving parts.

Whatever the reasons, this is a good move on Samsung’s part. Cheaper 3D means more people buying into the technology, and more potential customers hopefully means more and better 3D content.

Souce: [Samsung News]


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  • PaulGo

    From the picture these glasses seem to be only Bluetooth. I wonder if Samsung will lower the price of the 2010 3D IR glasses.

  • Tom

    It's obvious that Samsung are intimidated by the LG's superior passive 3D technology ( which offers flicker-free cheap glasses.