Screen Innovations Unveils Black Diamond G3 Projection Screen Materials

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Screen Innovations Black Diamond demo

Long valued for superior blacks, Screen Innovation’s Black Diamond series is back for a third generation. Designed to bring front projection out of the dark and into the light, the new G3 series is designed to be used in rooms without strict light control, allowing for more casual viewing without losing quality. Available in 0.8, 1.4, and 2.7 gain levels, further upgrades over the G2 series include:

All-new 2.7 gain for commercial and 3D applications. Black Diamond 2.7 is polarization-preserving for passive 3D and increases projector brightness by 2.7 times compared to a 1.0 gain screen. Black Diamond is counter intuitive when it comes to viewing angle. The new high gain 2.7 Black Diamond has one of the widest viewing cones available, making it the perfect solution for wide audience viewing.

All-new .8 and 1.4 gain materials are much darker, with improved light rejection, increased contrast, and razor sharp smooth images.

“With gains now ranging from .8 – 2.7, our customers will have the ability to sell and install successful projection systems in environments they only dreamed about previously.” said Ryan Gustafson, president of Screen Innovations. “We are now taking the Black Diamond Screen technology one step further by making the image the best money can buy”

With stock screen sizes running from 80-140″, and custom cuts available, the 0.8 and 1.7 gain screens are available now, with the 2.7 following May 10th.

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