PowerDVD 11 Coming Soon, Includes Smartphone Remote

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In several videos, since made private on the official Cyberlink Youtube channel, Cyberlink has demonstrated some of the new capabilities of PowerDVD 11. A new remote control application, confirmed for Android and presumably coming to iOS as well, will let you control every aspect of playback right from your tablet or smartphone, or even use a touchpad area to control your cursor like a standard mouse. Other features coming to PowerDVD 11 include 3D simulation on 2D movies, improvements in Blu-ray playback and compatibility, and supposedly tighter integration with Windows Media Center.

PC Blu-ray playback has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. At the beginning, HTPC enthusiasts had to keep a copy of all the major software playback packages on their machines because usually any compatibility problems with a disc wouldn’t affect all three. As the format has become more stable and standardized, including Blu-ray in your HTPC has become more practical and affordable, with BD-ROM drives coming in as low as $50 on sale. Future laptops may include glasses-free 3D features, made practical by the fact they are mostly used head-on with a very limited viewing angle, so computer playback may be on the verge of getting very popular as the price of screens like the one used in the Nintendo 3DS come down.

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