Queen Debuts High Definition Downloads In Japan

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While some of their albums were released on the all-but-dead DVD-Audio format years ago, Queen has yet to dip their toes into high definition audio for the new generation, but that’s changed today. Universal Music Japan in cooperation with Onkyo, has unleashed 96khz/24-bit versions of Queen’s Greatest Hits 1 and 2 to the masses. Each album runs a fairly typical Japanese price of 3000 yen ($35), or you can pick up individual tracks for 300 or 350 yen each ($3.50-$4).

Anyone is free to download the Windows Media Player DRM’d files, but when you play them, you’ll be taken to the all-Japanese site to process payment. While I didn’t go through the purchase process, it may or may not be region locked after you put in your card. Translation of the purchase page is as follows:

Email address
Card Number
Expiration Date

So your mileage may vary, but we’re definately interested to hear if non-Japanese are able to purchase these files. There is no word on a Blu-ray audio release of these albums, but with this being Queen’s 40th anniversary, and the success other artists like Neil Young and Rush are having with their Blu-ray reissues, I’d be suprised if a hard copy wasn’t around the corner.

Via: [E-Onkyo Music (Japanese)]

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