How 3D Gets To Your TV, Blu-ray vs Broadcast

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Geoffrey Morrison over at CNET has written up a great, easy to understand piece on the difference between Blu-ray and broadcast 3D. While the Blu-ray 3D spec had relative freedom to create a more ideal format, mostly from scratch, broadcasters had to contend with something that will fit within the close-to-20-year-old ATSC standard. Suffice to say, most of the answers aren’t very appealing, sacrificing resolution for stereoscopic viewing. Those who have purchased the LG/Vizio passive TVs, due to the kludge technique used on those sets, can see the actual displayed resolution can drop as low as 640×360, which isn’t even DVD quality. While future 3D broadcasts may actually take advantage of the digital subchannels built into the ATSC spec (which allows up to 8 channels to be put in one channel: 10.1, 10.2 etc) to seperate the views of the left and the right eyes, such techniques are still largely experimental and years (and some addon hardware) away from actual implementation. In the meantime, knowing what you’re getting into with the wide variety of 3D presentation techniques available is a great place to start, and knowing is half the battle.

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