Voice Control Remote: Lamest Idea…EVER!

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I was flipping through an edition of TWICE (This Week In Consumer Electronics) the other day and I stumbled across an ad for “The Voice of Freedom.” Basically, RCA is claiming that they have “revolutionized the universal remote” by introducing the next generation remote by adding the perhaps the lamest feature ever—voice command! Now, I probably could have let this go, if it wasn’t for the advertorial that plays when you go to the Web page.

Lamest invention everNow, RCA is claiming that this is the “easiest and most powerful voice control remote” probably because it is like one of the ONLY voice control remotes. Just like if you invented a rocket powered toilet it would be the easiest and most powerful rocket powered toilet. This is probably because during other remote control company’s R&D sessions, when the new guy fresh out of college piped up with, “Hey! I have an idea! Let’s add voice control!” the other people sitting at the table all started shelling him with hummus and scalding hot coffee and then made him be the plunger-carrying intern for the next 6 weeks.

The video shows a mid-30s, yuppy-ish looking lady sitting in her den/study programming the remote, because we know that when it comes to programming remote controls, women are clearly the number one demographic. She is smiling and playfully grinning at the remote, like it just told her that it’s a doctor and thinks she’s funny. And while the remote is talking to her — “For help programming your TV, press 1” – she is nodding and has her brow knit in focused attention like the remote is about to deliver some new 11th commandment.

The remote also happens to “manage those situations when using your hands isn’t the best idea.” Umm, yeah.

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