Samsung Launches New Site for Free 3D Glasses Promotion

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Free Samsung Glasses

Those lucky Samsung customers who bought or will buy a new Samsung 3DTV between April 24 and June 25, 2011, but didn’t manage to snare themselves some 3D glasses from the retailer as part of the deal, now have an outlet. By hitting up and submitting a scan of your reciept along with the proper forms, you can score. In addition to offering free glasses, Samsung has dropped the prices on their entire lineup as follows:

Battery Operated 3D Active Glasses – $49.99
Compact Size Rechargeable 3D Active Glasses- $129.99
Rechargeable 3D Active Glasses- $129.99
Ultra-Light Rechargeable Glasses- $149.99

I bet a lot of you are grumbling about the price discrepancy on the rechargeable glasses, well from 8 months of using mine battery-operated glasses, I have yet to have the battery died on me after about two dozen movies and several hours of gaming. Samsung rates the glasses for 40 hours of operation on a single battery, and replacements can be had as low as $0.40 apiece on Amazon in five-pack strips. Better yet, when the batteries eventually stop taking a charge, you don’t have to go find an all new pair. Whatever form factor you prefer, no one can argue that two pairs of free glasses to go with your TV is pretty sweet, so get ’em while they’re hot.

Via:[ Samsung Press Release]

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