DIY Project: Creative Cable Management

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XBMC Cable managementMany people do anything and everything they can to hide their cables. They drill holes in walls, they run conduit, they buy wall plates and strip wire.

But what if cables could be beautiful?

A bit of back story is in order here: XBMC is a custom firmware for the original Xbox that turns it into a media playback device. But after 8 years, even the most dedicated XBMC devotees are upgrading to machines with HD capabilities. For one XMBC community member in particular, that machine is the PS3. Enter the dilemma: How to handle all those wires coming out the back of the console?

Using Adobe Illustrator, intrepid Palle Olsen laid out his cables in attractive patters to match his wall mounted PS3, and create decorative art between the box and display. Now while I don’t ever recommend mounting any device vertically — it puts additional strain on the optical drive even if it’s designed to go vertical, and interferes with heat dissipation — hopefully more people will take a cue from Palle and come up with their own connectivity canvases.

Via: [XBMC]

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