Hyperkin Remotext is a Dedicated Home Theater Remote for PS3

Sections: Remote control, Smart Home, Streaming, Video

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Lots of people are still using Playstation 3s as their primary media playback unit in their home theaters, but for many the standard PS3 remote control just doesn’t do it for serious media playback activity. Enter the Hyperkin Remotext, which puts a chatpad along with a full featured remote and controller all in the palm of your hand. Due to debut officially at E3, the Remotext packs a rechargeable battery, a USB cable that plugs into the PS3, and most importantly to many, an IR dongle that should you not find the remote to be to your liking, can be re purposed to any standard Logitech Harmony remote. While the manufacturer only mentions accessing the chat features on PlayStation Network, hypothetically it could also be used to search for stuff to watch on Hulu, Netflix, or any other application or game that supports input via a USB keyboard.


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