Audyssey Hangs “Do Not Disturb” Sign for Bass

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Audyssey has a new post-processing mode that will hopefully allow people to enjoy their films late at night without disturbing others. Unlike Dolby’s “Midnight mode”, which applies dynamic range compression to the entire signal, Audyssey’s Low Frequency Containment concentrates on leaving the highs alone, and concentrating on that wall rattling bass instead. Walls absorb high frequencies much better than they do bass, so this LFC mode may prove a lot more satisfactory to late night listeners.

“As home theater evolved over the years, bass became fundamental to the movie-watching experience. But for anyone in the next room or next door, it is also the biggest nuisance,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey’s CTO. “It’s very difficult to acoustically isolate a room because it involves additional construction. We researched how bass wavelengths interact with wall materials and we created a technology that solves the problem at the source.”.

Since DTS HD Master Audio lacks its own dynamic range compression feature, possibly this new processing mode is just the ticket, given the near-ubiquity of the codec in new Blu-ray discs. There’s quite a number of Dolby stalwarts who lament the lack of their TrueHD codec just for the Midnight mode, and if this technology becomes ubiquitous, it could put their worries to bed once and for all

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