3D: One Projector Good, Two Projector Bad?

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There was a blog post a little while back titled “Four Reasons to Avoid Stacking Projectors for Passive 3D Installs.” I read it. Chances are you read it too. (Come on, you know you can’t get enough about 3D!) And after reading the post I thought, “Yeah, those are all good reasons why you wouldn’t want to stack projectors. Heck, I don’t even really want a single 3D projector, let alone two of them! Now, what shall I do with all that money I just saved?”

But then I remembered that the best 3D projection experience that I have personally witnessed to date was from Runco when they debuted their D-73d projector at CEDIA 2010.

So I reached out to Runco’s VP of Marketing, Jennifer Davis, to get Runco’s take on why they went with a double-stack design and to see if it is as problematic as this article suggested.

Click here to see why double-stacking for 3D might NOT be such a bad idea.

Runco Projector Double Stack

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