Samsung Launches Explore 3D in the US

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After a trip around the world, most recently landing in the UK, Samsung‘s free Explore 3D service has finally landed in the US as a free download for Samsung 3D televisions that sport the SmartHub app feature. Right now, dozens of pieces of 3D footage, including trailers from DreamWorks and other major studios, are offered, but down the line there will be paid material that will presumably include full-length films.

3D definately needs a shot in the arm in terms of content, especially when it comes to making 3D rentals more practical. While exclusivity deals are certainly a good way to get content moving out the door, they certainly aren’t a good thing for too long. Close to 18 months into the 3D revolution, none of DreamWorks 3D titles have been released for retail sale. With other retailers like Panasonic also launching app based front ends, I’d hate to see exclusives locked up in streaming services when they belong on store shelves. Regardless, Explore3D should be a great service for 3D hungry viewers, with enough variety to keep you going between disc releases.

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