Audyssey: Go Pro or Go Home!

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If you’ve purchased a new A/V receiver in the past like five years, you’ve probably run across Audyssey. You know, that little pyramid microphone and the WHAP-WHAP-WHAP! test tones?

Well, there for those who like their audio like their women — professionally calibrated and with deep, tight bass — there is a step up to that Audyssey. And I finally received my long awaited Audyssey MultEQ Pro Calibration Kit! Now, I’m sure that this is met with some gratuitous eye-rolling, and “Oh, brother!”ing and possibly even some of you are sliding your mouse up, up, creeping towards that tempting red X at this very moment, but I’d like to tell you why this is cool and why I’m excited and why I’m hoping that this kit is going to help to make my entire system sound its very best.

I’ve been a believer in Audyssey for a while. First, it has greatly reduced the amount of set up time involved in installing a new receiver. No more measuring tools from the home theater Jurassic age; be gone you no-longer-necessary tape measure and handheld Radio Shack SPL meter! Banished to the bottom of the toolbag, with you! (But, still there, ready to go all analog in a digital world, just in case…) What Audyssey does instead is beyond just the basic — and essential — speaker size/crossover, speaker distance/delay, channel level stuff; Audyssey actually listens to the signal, measures it against a known ideal, and then using some powerful DSP, makes adjustments to optimize the sound quality in your room.

And the Pro Calibration Kit does it even more-er.

Read all about the kit and a full review here…

Audssey Pro Mic Calibration Kit

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