Cables: The A/V World’s Dirty Little Secret

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Much like the little digital nips-and-tucks (or sometimes the digital tucks of nips… Oh, John, you so funny!) or smoothening and de-cellulite-ing and un-bumpening and de-lumpening and Photo-Shoppening touch-ups made to cover girls to make women all the world over feel bad about themselves, magazine ads featuring audio/video systems are notoriously – and equally – untruthful.

Oh, to be sure, the gear is all represented in its true form. And if any Photoshop was to be applied to the gear it would only be to make it look even glossier, the logos more logo-ier, the blue LEDs more LED-ier. Perhaps the milled aluminum faceplate made to appear more heavy and imposing and crafted-from-a-solid-billeting. Or the deep sheen of the twenty coats of hand-rubbed Tiger Blood varnish finish. Or something.

No, the place where magazine ads have always reserved their lying is in the wiring. Because for most people — obviously not this guy, who seems to care far more about the girth, caliber, and cost of his cables than any other part of his A/V system or for companies that are actually SELLING wiring in the ad — the wiring is the ugly truth that apparently must be hidden at all costs from these component glamor and beauty shots.

Read on to see how advertiser’s try and beauty up their racks…

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