Warranty Fine Print: What’s in a Word?

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Warranties are generally one of those things that you cram into the back of a random drawer and then totally forget about until that day comes when something finally breaks. Then you frantically struggle to remember where you put the paperwork, anxiously opening and closing cabinets and drawers while shouting to your wife, “DANA! Where is that warranty thing for that thing that broke!”

And she says, “You can NEVER find anything! Have you even looked in the drawer marked ‘Warranties’?”

“Yes! That’s the first place I looked! It’s not there!”

“If I come out there and immediately find it the drawer sitting behind a single piece of…”

“Oh! Never mind! I found it! It was in the warranty drawer! It was under another paper!” and finally pull it out only to discover that the damn thing expired like a month ago. That’s pretty much what usually happens with a warranty.

But when we’re buying something new, that warranty is like a cozy Linus-blanket, wrapping us up in good feeling-ness. That warranty says, “Hey! Don’t worry! I got you covered! Anything breaks, I got a brother’s back!” That warranty performs a moving, lighter-waving, Sarah McLachlan acoustic set with an encore of “I will remember you.” You can practically feel it looking into your soul… and it totally gets you.

So a couple of years ago, Niles changed their speaker policy and instituted a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of their speakers. But when I needed some warranty-ing, I encountered that one little word. “Limited.”

Just what’s in a word and how limited it is…?

Niles Limited Lifetime Warranty

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  • abid

    what it says limited but does it cover everything