Sky Mall Catalog: The Last Guaranteed Bastion of Awesomeness!

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If there is a silver lining from my US Air debacle from several weeks ago (besides the fact that I am probably the only one that got $100 from the deal; take that all you sheep! Hannibal was right about the silence of you lambs! Can you still hear them, Clarice?!) it was that I got a lot of opportunities to read through the Sky Mall catalog. Oh, Sky Mall! I had forgotten how awesome you are! How filled your pages are with items that would somehow randomly enrich my life. How I can use the in-flight phone for free to call and order things from you! How if I order now — RIGHT NOW! While I’m on this flight! Once we land, this offer is off the table, people! — I can save an additional 20%!

So after I finished 3 of the 4 Sodokus, I got down to some serious Sky Malling, and it was just so crammed with greatness, I felt I would share it with you, those who might not travel as often and are missing out on having your lives enriched with all manner of Sky Mall-ey goodness. Enjoy!

Sky Mall 3D Video

If you thought for one second that Sky Mall was going to miss an opportunity to capitalize on 3D, well then, brother, you don’t know Sky Mall! The Wrap 920 is “the most advanced and lightest video eyewear available today,” meaning that all of the video eyewear you have been wearing is just total utter and worthless crap! Somehow, this 3D-ifies video from your iPhone (not included; and, seriously, if you really even thought for a second that it was included, you better just go back to reading the vomit bag in coach). I can only imagine what the Wrap 920 could do with an iPad. Seriously, I think I just got a brief glimpse of heaven…

Read more awesomeness from my perusal through the greatest Mall ever!

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