You’ve Got to Hear This, Err… Schiit!

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Schiit Audio

What’s in a name? Not much, unless your name is Dick, and then, try all you want, but no one is really calling you “Richard” when you’re not around. When you’re a new company, selecting a name can be a daunting task, something that can be with you for years to come. (I ran across some lame ones on a recent driving trip to Alabama like “Gator Head Kennels” or “Hyman Vineyards.”) And usually companies go out of their way to create a name that says something about them or that sounds cool or that evokes some kind of response. (Unless they are developing an e-reader and then they’ll just come up with something retarded like “Kindle” or “Nook.”)

But sometimes, the name is just meant to get a reaction that might cause you to dig a little deeper. In the case of Schiit — yes, you can giggle like a little boy hearing a fart joke now — it is meant to grab your attention and does a pretty Schiit-hot job of doing it. When I stumbled across them, I was like, “Schiit-yeah, I’ll check these guys out!”

Schiit is a US company that is trying to (bad pun coming) make a name for themselves as a top-flight headphone amplifier manufacturer. And, it’s clear from their website that while they’re not out to make any Schiity products, they don’t take themselves overly seriously either, which is a giant breath of fresh air in an industry where you often have an question bounced through three or four PR people before a quotable reply can be given.

Click here to read some choice quotes from their Website.

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