Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Pre-Order Dropped to $69.99 at Amazon

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Hurry up and take 50% off of the list price picking up the Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition right now at The extended versions are close to an hour longer apeice, bringing scads of additional action, character development and flavor to the Middle Earth experience. Never bought the DVDs? No problem, this set includes all of the additional bonus material from all the previous DVD releases, and a brand new scan for The Fellowship of the Ring, sourced from a digital intermediate for the first time. This fifteen-disc set gives these long and visually dense films room to breathe by putting each film — the runtimes of which now float around the four-hour mark — onto two BD-50s, allowing for maximum bitrates and no-compromise compression techniques allowing for the ultimate presentation of these epics at home.

But don’t take my word for it, check out our review:

Gone is the vast inconsistency between the quality of Fellowship of the Ring and the other two films. Gone is the flat, digital-looking presentation that marred the theatrical version on BD; these new transfers look positively unprocessed (which is a bit misleading, because every frame of the films was digitally manipulated in one for or another before release, but for all that, they look wonderfully film-like and utterly cinematic here). Detail is downright phenomenal here in contrast to the theatrical versions. Richer contrasts lend an incredible amount of depth to the image that was lacking before. The edginess on long shots is greatly diminished. On the whole, it’s hard to imagine the films looking much better.

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