HDBase-T Alliance Is a Go

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HDBaseTThe HDBase-T Alliance, an organization that establishes standards and certifies equipment for using HDMI over Ethernet, has announced that version 1.0 of the spec is ready, and devices are ready to be certified. HDCP copy protection, an integral part of HDMI connections, is problematic over long cable runs, and HDBaseT allows the conversion to CAT-5 ethernet cable so that the signal can be sent hundreds of feet without issue.

Samsung, Sony, and LG have already pledged to make sure their new gear meets certification, and many manufacturers are sure to follow suit. HDBaseT has great advantage for home theater installers, because not only do they no longer have to worry about long cable runs inside the theater itself, but CAT-5 can be run to any room in the house just like you would for internet and send your video anywhere from a central distribution point. The grand future world we will someday live in just got a little rosier, and a little less filled with swearing and banged knuckes from trying to snake cable through walls.

Via: [HDBaseT Press Center]

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