Gefen Introduces First HDBaseT Device, Extends HDMI, IR up to 100 Meters

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Gefen’s new box is a godsend for home theater installers, enabling them to send all the features of HDMI anywhere in a house they want to without loss, and have IR control travel the same path to boot. Certified for all lossless audio and 3D formats, the box sends your signal anywhere you want over your existing Ethernet network. In addition, the “transmit” unit has an optional IR receiver that will use a back channel to automatically repeat any of the commands from your remote through an IR blaster on the “receiver.”


Extends HDMI and 3DTV at 1080p up to 330 feet (100 meters) away from Source
Supports HDBaseT Specifications, including the latest chip technology for extending mulitple signals using one CAT-5e cable
Supports HDMI with 3DTV
Supports resolutions up to 1080p and 1920 x 1200
Supports high bit-rate audio formats (Dolby TrueHD / DTS Master Audio)
Fully HDCP compliant
4x DIP switches allow EDID selection
Locking power connectors
Built-in IR Blaster allows IR remote control of source devices from remote viewing location


Maximum Resolutions Supported: 1080p / 1920 x 1200@60 Hz
Indicator LED: Red power LED (Power is being received when ON)
Supports multi-channel digital audio: Dolby True HD / DTS Master Audio
Input Connector: HDMI 19-pin Female type “A”
Link Connector: (4) RJ-45 Shielded
IR Blaster: 3.5 mm mini-mono
IR Extender: 3.5 mm mini-stereo
Input Connector : 5V DC locking power supply connector
Power Supply: 5V DC
Power Consumption: 10 Watts (max.)
Dimensions: 3.4″ D x 3.25″ W x 1.25″ H

At $700, this is not a cheap solution, but if you’re already hitting the limits of existing HDMI cables with the size of your theater, then it might be a small price to pay for an end to handshake headaches. The box is available now from home theater dealers or from Gefen’s website.

Product Page: Gefen Extender for HDMI 1.3 over CAT5 w/ ETH

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