Apple Finally Entering the TV Business?

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Apple TV

A former Apple exec talking to DailyTech claims that Apple is on the verge of announcing their own line of televisions that will incorporate Apple TV in a similar fashion to Sony’s relationship with GoogleTV. The actual guts of the TVs would likely be supplied by Samsung, who already supplies cruicial parts like memory for Apple’s iPod/Phone business, and they believe that the sets are targeted to hit shelves in time for Christmas. So why would a major player in the TV business like Samsung let their sets be rebranded to compete with them?

We expressed incredulity that an OEM would allow Apple to cut into their bottom line, but our source aptly pointed out the OEM would be winning even if Apple cuts into their branded sales. States the source, “If you have to be competing with somebody, you want to be competing with yourself.”

Totally true, and the likely markup Apple will apply to the devices will probably price them out of Samsung’s butter zone anyway. One has to wonder if the recent lawsuit filed against Samsung’s phone division over the Galaxy S’s alleged similarity to iOS might have something to do with getting better pricing for their TV launch.

Either way, Apple TV continues to be the one real black mark in the Apple product line. Outside of a dedicated demographic that’s more interested in products like WDTV or Roxio with broad codec support for totally legally aquired digital material, the general public seems happier to use their laptops. Building Apple TV into a TV set, combined with the dedicated audience that will buy anything at any price, may mean that Apple will finally have something to compete with in the home theater department, and if it’s easy to port existing iPad apps to the device to enable services Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu Plus, this might just be the one that works.

Via: [DailyTech]

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