Stream Me Up: Star Trek Finally Hits Netflix

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As of today, all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, and two seasons of the original Star Trek are available on Netflix. The red-headed stepchild, and in my opinion far and away best of the Treks, Deep Space Nine, will be available in October, presumably along with the missing season of TOS and maybe the animated series. This marks the first time the modern run of the series has been available in digital format, and with a rumored remastering underway, probably not the last. One of the cornerstones of geek culture, Trek fandom is currently undergoing a bit of a revival thanks to the 2009 theatrical film of the same title. Spanning ten theatrical movies, five television series, one animated series, and countless scores of books, toys, and comics, Star Trek’s arrival will result in countless hours of lost productivity as the all you can eat buffet of nerd gorging saps nerd productivity over the coming months. Or you can assume that being able to stream Trek anywhere will allow people to exhibit the paramount of self-control, and save their streaming for after hours, which would be….most illogical

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