New PlayStation 3 Requires HDMI for HD Movie Playback

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According to a memo circulating around GameStops, the new PlayStation 3 “K” hardware revision will require the use of an HDMI cable for HD movie playback. This is in accordance with the AACS planned phaseout of analog connections, which requires that any new Blu-ray players put to market after December 31,2010 disallow HD output over analog.connections like composite (yellow plug), component (red/green/blue), or S-Video leads. Unlike Linux support, the agreement does not require that older models be patched to remove analog compatibility.

While the effectiveness of phasing out analog as a copy protection measure is debatable, all-digital connections are less prone to interference, and component prices are typically cheaper at the manufacturing end. If your TV is so old that it doesn’t feature HDMI inputs, it’s time to start thinking about that upgrade, and if you have too few, inexpensive HDMI switchers can be gotten at Amazon or Monoprice, or buy purchasing a new receiver that supports the new lossless codecs Blu-ray offers. No matter what you choose, you will still be able to enjoy the same equipment you have today as long as it lasts, without losing any functionality, and that’s the important part.

Via: [Kotaku]

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