Linski Exposed Speakers: When Concrete and Audiophilia Combine

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Linkski Exposed concrete speakers

What’s the last thing you’d expect to find a speaker constructed from?

Okay, what’s the second-to-last thing? (Seriously, you in the back — the one who said “Jell-O” — get out.)

Even if concrete were ninth or tenth on your list, you have to admit that Shmuel Linski’s Exposed speakers are anything but ordinary. Linksi describes his speakers thusly:

The Driver, which is located in the top part of the speaker, moves the air through a pipe (96cm long) and into a horn shaped mouth in the bottom of the speaker. The weight (56kg) makes the speakers very solid, and turns these speakers into a unique product, invoking a sense of nirvana for concrete lovers and audiophiles.

Scott Wilkinson also has a very insightful write-up at UltimateAV about the speaker’s technical design, with a bit of very informed speculation about the driver:

The Exposed uses one driver at the top. It appears to be a coaxial driver with a dome tweeter at the center of a mid-bass diaphragm, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve received no reply to my queries. Behind the driver is a 96cm (38-inch) transmission line that opens into a large horn at the bottom.

Seeing four connectors—presumably for biwiring or biamping—supports my assumption that the driver is coaxial with two diaphragms.

Contact info: Linski Design

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