Procella Audio Upgrades P15 Subwoofer

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Procella Audio P15 SubwooferStockholm, Sweden-based Procella Audio has announced an upgrade to its msrp $5,999 P15 subwoofer, which is now shipping to retailers worldwide. The new model subwoofer has increased dynamic output and extended low-frequency response below 20 Hz. Its custom-made pro-audio long-throw drivers have 3-inch voice coils and use Neodymium magnets, which improve dynamic output and extend low-frequency response.

The subwoofer produces 127dB of output at 50 Hz. An onboard 350+350 watt amplifier with DSP control is optimized for the new driver configuration. The upgrades were built into the P15 model without an increase in price from the previous P15 from Procella.

The Procella P15 id designed for medium-to-large sized rooms up to about 3,000 cubic feet. The P15 active subwoofer produces massive cinema impact from a compact, heavily-braced sealed-box cabinet design enclosure. The design is wide and shallow to allow for placement against walls or to be built-into walls. It’s profile is 8.7-inches/ 220mm deep. Each of its dual 15-inch subwoofer drivers is powered by its own 350 watt onboard amplifier. An integral 28bit/56bit ADI Sigma DSP control tunes the subwoofer and optimizes in-room response by compensating for room location boundary conditions.

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