NAD Electronics Releases T 757 Receiver

Sections: Audio, Receivers, Surround sound

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nadNAD Electronics has released the T 757 Surround Sound Receiver, featuring NAD’s Modular Design Construction (with all input circuitry on five easily removable plug-in cards). The T 757 will serve a home theater well, but the receiver has been designed primarily for those who love music.

The T 757 uses the latest generation, high speed DSP for decoding formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio. Users also have the option to convert stereo to surround sound using NAD’s EARS surround mode for clear and natural audio. The receiver can also support 3D video at 1080p, and analogue video sources on HDMI. The T 757 features a simple user interface that saves custom settings for each component and a host of presets for various types of programming. The receiver is also has connections that are compatible with most home automation systems.

NAD’s IPD 2 iPod Dock is the perfect add-on accessory for the receiver, adding song information to the display. The receiver is also equipped with a second zone output and built-in internal amplifier for multi-room systems.

The T 757 is available now and carries a retail price of $1,599. For more information visit NAD Electronics or call 905.831.6555.

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